About Us

At Phoenix Framers our aim is to satisfy our clients with a first class service. We have 15 years of experience in the framing industry. Over these 15 years we have gained a wealth of knowledge to properly frame anything. Should it be a print, canvas, photograph, or the unusal.

As framing has evolved to make preservation of art the most important part of framing we have undertaken this as a major part of our philosopy. We feel that your project should stand the test of time. To achive this we use only the highest quality materials. The options that you have availabe to finish your piece of art are wide and varied. With our expertise we can help you chose what is right for you and the art itself.

We feel that a frame is used to house and protect a piece of art. It is a vessel for your art to be displayed in your home or office. It should not distract or take away from the art itself.

Regardless of the art or type of client we use the same level of knowledge and advice.

To begin we want to determine the most suitable manner in which to protect and preserve the art work. It's not just etchings or pastels that need conservation materials. Even with the newest methods of creating art they require protection.

With our infinite choice of design and glazing options there are a few considerations to be made. Visiting the workshop would be recommended so we can consider suitable options for your budget to ensure everthing is the best it can be. We can offer a quote over the phone or email but it is always better if you come in and see the different choices available.

We can take you through all the options available in a short time and show you numerous styles of frames that we have on site. You may want to use a perspex box, one of our mitre less frames, or hand gilded frames we can produce almost anything you call for. What ever it may be we hope to create a frame that will compliment your art. Our aim is to build a long standing relationship with our clients and to furnish them with a service that is second to none.